Anyone who has great goals needs experience. Preferably the experience of people who’ve already been where you want to go. Who know the path, and bring the right equipment. Who give their all to enable others to make the great leap. Always driven on to new things by the passion to collect new experience.

People like us at Loyalty Partner Solutions.

Alexander Glück

Marcus Schmelzer


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Loyalty is our passion. Our team brings many years of expertise from building and operating Customer Loyalty Programs that are top-rated on a global scale. We face new projects and challenges with determination and dynamism.

Philipp Correll

Head of CRM-Services

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It is only by putting integrity and loyalty into practice at our company that we can also demonstrate these principles to our clients.

Anette Northridge

Assistant to CEO

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If you love what you are doing, you will be successful - Loyalty is our passion.

Dr. Udo Wilski


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Behind the scenes of a loyalty system is extremely complex software. Our highly qualified development and operations specialists ensure that this software is always technologically up-to-date, permanently available and optimally reflects the wishes of our customers.

Uwe Ritter


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We develop cutting-edge software solutions that enable our clients to design, build and operate first-class loyalty and proximity marketing programs.