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INTELLIGENT Partner Integration and MANAGEMENT

Recently, more and more companies have discovered that they can make their loyalty program more attractive for their customers by involving partners. The most successful loyalty programs in the world integrate partners who contribute relevant products and services which complement their own portfolio.

MORE RELEVANCE Partners bring additional opportunities for collecting and redeeming points and so increase relevance to the customer. In addition, they are incited to interact with the program more frequently. The resulting information helps to provide a sharper image of the customer, so that offers can be tailored to reflect their current interests.

PROFIT CENTER Integrating partners with your customer loyalty program enables you to make the leap to becoming a profit center. Business partners are willing to buy loyalty currencies like points or miles, so they can pass them on to their own customers and make themselves more attractive. This principle applies in all industries, for retail, frequent flyer or hotel programs.

THE CHALLENGE However, we also see regularly that legacy loyalty platforms have major problems connecting with partners because their technology is out-of-date. Integration and maintenance costs are often high and processes require great time and expense to complete. The administration and modification of simple parameters frequently calls for IT experts, because the complexity of existing systems makes it impossible for the functional process owners.

OUR SOLUTION That is the reason why we have developed LMS::partner so that it facilitates both the connection and the administration of partners. Connection takes place via standard interfaces and enables data and transactions to be exchanged in real-time. Process owners can set up a new partner with all the master data and parameters themselves, without having to wait for the IT department.


Partners contribute their own customers and support program growth.

Partners increase customer value by means of extra collection and redemption opportunities.

So programs with many partners
attract more customers.

Customers have many more opportunities
to interact with a
multi-partner program.


are prepared to pay:

  • for being able to offer their customers a bonus program.
  • for finding out who their top customers are.
  • for insights into their customers' purchasing patterns.
  • to be able to address their customers directly and individually.
  • for using the program operator's marketing opportunities.


Building up an all-round profile makes it
possible to address customers much more
directly and individually across the entire program.
Partners from high-frequency sectors such as
drugstores or food businesses help
to do just that.
Increased collection and redemption oppor-
tunities have been shown to reduce churn.
Lift & Shift effects mean that
customers spend more at partners
of a coalition program.

LMS::partner facilitates the simple connection of partners and helps to make customer loyalty programs more attractive and profitable.


Our software supports your company with multiple functionalities:

  • A sophisticated role and rights management system ensures that your partners only get to see precisely the data they are intended and entitled to see.
  • Subprograms enable you to set up separate subprograms for partners. Rules for subprograms can differ from those in the main program and even be partner-specific if you so wish.
  • Your customers' collections and redemptions can be analyzed for each partner.
  • Different partner types can be integrated, no matter whether the partner is fully integrated into the program (hosted partner) or just offers additional collection and redemption opportunities (business partner).

The PAYBACK program
with 100 million members
worldwide is based on LMS and proves that partner integration is a recipe for success.

Reasons for choosing the Payback Card 1) 2)

"With PAYBACK I can collect points in many of my favorite stores and swap them for attractive benefits."

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